2v1 Attacking Soccer Runs:
Blind side and overlap runs

These 3 attacking runs are the keys to success for your strikers. This 2v1 soccer drill teaches all 3 of the basic runs that need to be made to increase the difficulty for the defender.

2v1 Soccer Runs Shooting Drill

- Set up this 2v1 soccer shooting exercise with 2 lines 25-30 yards from goal.
- Have defender start 10 yards infront of the attackers.
- Ideally only have 3-4 in each line max.

- Pass the ball to the defender, defender passes back to attacker to begin.
- First player in each attacking line work 2 v 1 vs the lone defender.

- Attackers should look to make 1 of 3 runs shown by arrows:
1) Blind Side Run: Player without ball makes a run behind the defender.
2) Infront Run: Similar to blind side, but run is made in front of the defender.
3) Overlap Run: Player without ball makes a run around teammate.
- Attackers must NOT make straight runs to the goal as they are easily defended.
- Player that does not shoot the ball should follow in for a rebound.
- Attackers should have a very high level of success.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Add a 2nd defender, and a 3rd attacker.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this soccer runs shooting drill.

Good luck!

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