All 4 to score:
4v4 soccer

This 4v4 soccer exercise is a normal scrimmage, but you must have all 4 of your team touch the ball prior to scoring a goal. This forces good movement, vision, communication, and involvement from all.

4v4 soccer

- Set up your 4v4 soccer game (2 games if you have enough players) in a 25 x 30 grid - Have extra balls behind each small, 2 yard wide goal.

- Players must have every player on their team touch the ball prior to attempting to score - Players can pass to the same player multiple times - If possession is lost, or a goal is scored passes reset to 0.

- Players should be in constant movement looking for quality angles of support - Communication should be very high throughout - Passes should be along the ground, to the foot furthest from a defender - This encourages a possession style of soccer, waiting for a high quality of opportunity to attack.

- Restrict the amount of touches players can take to increase difficulty and speed up the game further.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this 4v4 soccer game.

Good luck!

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