4v4 with Support Soccer Drill

Get support from all angles in this 4v4 with support game. Having a player on all sides allows for quick counter attacks, and good possession.

4v4 with Support Soccer

- Set up 4v4 in an approximately 30 x 40 grid.
- Have 1 neutral player that is on both teams on each side outside of the grid.

- Players play inside the box normally, but can pass to an outside player to keep possession.
- Outside players can take 2 touches.
- Outside players must provide good angles along the entire side or endline they are on.
- Switch the 4 outside with a team of 4 inside after 3-4 minutes.

- Players should constantly be looking to get into high quality support angles, both inside and outside.
- This encourages a quick transition from offence to defence, or vice versa.
- Players should look to attack quickly on a turnover, or patiently with possession if a quick attack is not possible.

- Reduce outside players to 1 touch only.
- Remove the players behind the goal to force the inside players to utilize 1 as a target player, making it more resemble a game situation.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this 4v4 with support soccer game.

Good luck!

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