5v5 Possession Passing Drill

This straight-forward 5v5 possession passing drill provides you the opportunity to focus on several specific areas of opportunity for your team.

5v5 possession passing in soccer

- Set up this 5v5 possession game using a 30 x 40 yard grid (adjust for success).
- Split up players into teams of 5.

- Players play keep away within the grid.

- Player movement must be constant, looking to find space and good supporting angles.
- Players must communicate constantly.
- By keeping teams with even numbers, it forces players to work both offensively, and defensively for their team to have success.
- When receiving the ball the 1st touch should allow player to open up to the entire field of play, not restricting any passing option.
- Remember, encourage successes!.

- Play elimination, for every turnover that player becomes eliminated from the drill until 10 straight passes have been made.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this 5v5 possession passing drill.

Good luck!

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