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Giles Carter - Soccer Coach

Hi there, my name is Giles.

Soccer is a fantastic game and I want to tell you and tell the world how to train for it and play it!

When coaching soccer players, whether they be an U6 team, youth or senior players, I get great pleasure at the end of a session or game in seeing the smiles on their faces and eagerness to return for more.

Why, you ask, do I have the experience and knowledge to guide you in your successful soccer journey?

  • I have a Bachelor of Sports Science (Coaching), UNITEC, Auckland; and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary), Auckland College of Education, NZ.
  • My work has been mainly as a Health and Physical Education Instructor at top Auckland, NZ schools at both primary and secondary level across indoor and outdoor activities.
  • I've been responsible for teaching and hands-on experience in the areas of sports; fitness; health and safety and injury prevention and management.
  • Coaching? I've done it along with team training and managing, including:
    • Coaching Under 11 Soccer Teams
    • Coached 1st Division Bay Olympic Women's soccer team
    • Coached U15 Auckland Women's Regional Championship team in 2001
    • Coached St Paul's 2nd division rugby team
    • Team Manager, Onehunga Soccer Team
    • Assistant High Performance Manager, Soccer New Zealand
    • Coaching Table Tennis Team, Sunderland College
    • Organising Sports Day for Primary School, Sunderland College
    • Indoor Soccer Refereeing and Team Organizing for evening games, YMCA Auckland City Centre

    I believe sport and health go hand in hand for a successful outcome, so I enjoy the rewards of a healthy, mainly raw diet; as well as keeping fit... some highlights:

    Giles Carter with soccerball

    • Trained for and ran a sub 33 minute, 10 km race
    • Completed BMW Auckland half marathon in 1hr 22 minutes
    • Participated successfully in sprint triathlons
    • Completed 4.5km Rangitoto swim in 1hr 11 minutes
    • Played 2nd division soccer in Australia
    • Played Northern 3rd soccer for Bay Olympic soccer team

I believe that physical education develops and fosters self-esteem, leadership, a sense of belonging, social relationships, teamwork, co-operation, competition and challenges... and soccer is the ideal sport to play.

Let's go kick a ball together!

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