Arch Shooting Drill:
Efficient shots are required

Keep up the tempo in this arch shooting drill for your team. Soccer teams are all active as they use this drill to work on quality of shots within a limited supply of balls.

Arch Shooting Drill

- Set up your arch shooting drill with your arch surrounding the 18 yard box.
- Have 4 v 4 playing inside of the box (vary depending on how many players you have).
- Select 1 of the 2 teams to be attacking until all of the balls are used.
- Space out 8-10 balls around the edge of the arch.

- Attacking team must retrieve ONE ball, and attack to goal using it until goal is scored or ball is out of play.
- Once goal or ball out of play, attacking team retrieves another ball along the arch, continuing until all balls have been used.
- Upon completion, reset the balls and switch the attacking/defending teams.
-Keep track of goals and use as a competition between the 2 teams.
- Defenders need to clear the ball outside of arch for ball to be considered out of play.

- Expect accurate, high quality shots on goal.
- Players should be driven to get as many goals as possible.
- Players should retrieve ball and attack with pace and urgency.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Play 5 v 4, or 6 v 4 to increase success for attackers, difficulty for defenders - Play 4 v 4 but have 2-4 more players spaced around the arch. Players with the ball can pass to the outer players (1 touch only) who are supporting players for the attackers. - All attackers MUST sprint to arch before attacking with the next ball to add a fitness aspect to this.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for these arch shooting drills.

Good luck!

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