Competitive Soccer Drill

This simple competitive soccer drill is a favourite with early teenage players as it allows for a very challenging, fun, shooting opportunity against their teammates.

Competitive Soccer Drill

- This simple competitive soccer drill is set up 30 yards from goal, with 2 lines of players.
- You, the coach, should be in the middle of the 2 lines, with all of the soccer balls.

- 1st two players in each line compete versus each other to try to score a goal.
- You call out "GO" and throw a ball forward into space. Both players then must race forward competing for the ball.
- Whoever gains possession is attacking, the other defending as they try to score on the goal.
- Once shot is made or ball goes out of bounds they must retrieve the ball and re-join the lines.

- Players who win the ball first should look to attack quickly not allowing defender to prepare.
- If possible, an attacker to goal should try to dribble the ball across the defender as soon as they gain a step. This forces the defender to lose a step or will create a foul.
- Encourage attacker to get his/her head up before shooting to see where the goalie is positioned.
- Encourage attacker to get a quality shot on target, at the most optimal opportunity when in the best position, meaning avoid dribbling into a difficult angle to shoot or getting too close to the goalie to shoot.
- This should get players very competitive in this 1 v 1 format.

-- Vary the starting positions: players start backwards, on knees, lying down on front/back, don't yell go, they must only react to the ball, have them close their eyes and you throw ball in air, once they hear it land they open and attack quickly; have fun with it!.
- Throw the ball towards one side in particular in order to increase difficulty for one of the players.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this competitive soccer drill.

Good luck!

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