Defending 1v1 Circle Drill

Make it more competitive with defending 1v1

This simple drill teaches competitiveness when defending 1v1 and is easily set up in a familiar circle format. This focusses more on competitiveness rather than specific techniques.

Defending 1v1 circle drill

- Set up this defending 1v1 drill with a circle of players, and 2 in the middle.
- 1 in the middle is the attacker, and 1 is the defender.
- All players on the outside should have a ball.

- The attacker moves inside the circle trying to create space to receive a pass, control it, and pass it back to the same outside player.
- The defender works to prevent the attacker from receiving the pass.
- The outside player should retrieve any ball kicked away or loose ball.

- The defender should be well balanced with knee's bent, on their toes, and have a hand gently on the attacker.
- By having hand on the attacker, this allows the defender to gain a feel for what direction he/she may go, as well allows defender to better use body to physically compete for any loose ball.
- Defender priority should be to gain possession, 2nd priority to just kick the ball away from attackers possession.
- In-between passes, the defender should initiate close contact with attacker, using their body to try to gain good body position.
- The outside supporting players should not pass the ball unless the inside attacker calls for the pass.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Inside attacker only has 1 touch.
- Place cone in the middle, attacker must touch prior to looking for a pass, this ensures defender has adequate opportunity to gain good physical position.
- Only have 1 ball in outer circle, and pass back outside must go to a different player from intial pass.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this defending 1v1 circle drill.

Good luck!

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