Defending Soccer Clearance Header

Coach your team how to defend and make a good clearance with this simple, yet effective exercise. Knowing defending soccer and how to clear a ball is an important exercise to generate good results.

Defending Soccer Clearance Header

- Part of defending soccer is a good clearance, so set up this with balls to one side of the goal.
- Players should be at least ages 14 and up for header specific type drills.
- Have 1 player on the ball to cross (or throw for easier), and 1 in position in-front of goal.
- Extra players line up at far post.

- Only use 4-5 players at a time, and keep brief rotations so not to have repeat heading for very long.
- Player crosses the ball into the box.
- Rotate defender after every cross.

- Defender must clear the ball high and wide when at all possible.
- 2nd option is to clear the ball high and out for a corner dependant on where the service is.
- Player should call name "Steve's ball" as they clear, so in a game they are communicating to their teammates that they are the only one to challenge for the ball.

- Add a passive attacker to mimic challenging for the ball.
- Allow attacker to fully attack the ball and try to score.

Total time estimated:
- 5-10 minutes for this defending soccer clearance header drill.

Good luck!

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