Defense to Attack Transition Soccer

Soccer teams learn how to counter from defence to attack with this exercise. They should possess the ball wide as they move up the field, rather than moving the ball in front of their own goal.

Defense to Attack Transition Soccer

- Set up this defence to attack exercise with 2 teams of 4-8 players each.
- Have 1 goalie in a large goal, and small goals high and wide.
- Field approximately half a field, but smaller with less players.

- Play starts from the goalie passing to a defender.
- Defending players must attack wide towards the small goals.
- Offense attacks towards the big goal.

- When attacking from the back line, defenders should look to use width, and avoid moving the ball directly in front of their own goal.
- Defenders should look for opportunities to quickly counter attack.
- Defenders should act as an accordion, spreading out wide with the ball, and condensed without the ball reducing opponent scoring chances.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Add a neutral player who is on whichever team that has the ball.
- Add a central line that all defenders must be past for a goal to count.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this defense to attack drill.

Good luck!

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