Defensive Soccer Drills

Defence Wins Championships!

We've all heard that before right?

Of course we have. Defensive soccer drills can lead to championships just like in any other sport.

Defensive Soccer Skills

Why is defense more difficult to play than offense?

A defender can play 90 minutes of a game in outstanding form, however if he/she makes 1 error that leads to a goal, many people feel that player didn't play a good game. On the contrary, if a striker does little to help his/her team for 90 minutes yet scores a game winning goal he had "a great game" many will feel.

That is not how I feel, however that is the perception many people have on the 2 very different positions.

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals....what do you mean?

Playing defense in a soccer game all comes down to the basics. No matter the age or level of play, defense will always rely on the fundamentals in order to have success. Even now, when I play, anytime I am in a 1 v 1 defensive jockey position, the basics are what I rely on to bring me success

As you watch your team, right up to the professionals on Soccer Saturday, you will notice the basic defending techniques are the keys to their success.

Here are some suggestions of methods I encourage you to use with your players and team, and I wish you the best of success!

1v1 Defending
2v2 Supporting Defender
1v1 Circle
Defense to Attack Transition Soccer
Clearance Headers

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