Figure 8 Dribbling:
Improve Your dribbling skills

This figure eight exercise helps teach some of the best techniques on how to dribble a soccer ball. It is simple yet very effective..

Soccer figure 8 dribbling drill

- This figure eight dribbling just needs 1 player, 2 cones and 1 ball.
- Set up cones 4-5 yards apart.

- Dribble throughout the 2 cones.
- Proceed in 60 second intervals.

- Utilize best dribbling skills: great balance, bent knees, body slightly leaning over the ball, touching ball with foot on every step.
- Use inside, outside, and laces of your foot to dribble.
- Make short, sharp steps keeping the ball very close.
- After making a turn around a cone, there should be a short, quick acceleration while maintaining the ball very close at all times.

- Use only the outside of your feet.
- Use only the inside of your feet.
- Use only left foot.
- Use only right foot.

Total time estimated:
- 5+ minutes for this soccer figure 8 dribbling drill.

Good luck!

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