Free Soccer Drills

FREE soccer drills to help give your practice a kick!

Everyone likes FREE, and these free soccer drills are for you to use with your soccer team.

Are you a parent wanting kids or youth soccer training drills?

Are you a coach just looking for some new ideas?

Are you a player needing new football drills?

You'll be glad you found yourself here, where it's all laid out for you.

The structure of these soccer practice plans are designed to be shown in a simple, easy to understand format. I encourage you to use these great kids, youth and adult soccer drills as your very own coaching resource whenever you're in need.

What kind of soccer drills are here?

There are free soccer drills for coaching all ages and all skill levels. Certain training drills will be more suitable than others, dependant on your teams ability.

Accompanying each drill are prep, execution, success/quality, and helpful progression tips that can be added to the exercise.

Familiarize yourself with one of the free soccer drills, read through the soccer gear you may require, the tips and variations to see what works best for you, and most importantly be ready to adapt.

Players and teams will always have a different scope of understanding and ability so if it isn't working smoothly, don't be afraid to modify the drill with a prepared plan.

So do you feel ready to start soccer practice? You or your team is all picked, you're raring to go... so let's begin with this list of free soccer drills!

Soccer warm-up boy and girl

Soccer Warm up Drills
Soccer Warm up drills and stretching are an important beginning to every soccer practice.

Soccer warm ups should begin light, build the work rate to a light sweat, then follow by a stretching of the muscles.

soccer passing skills

Soccer Passing Drills
Just what you need — productive and thoroughly enjoyable soccer passing drills.

These highlight intense player involvement to help your team to faultless passing.


Defensive Soccer Drills
Defensive soccer drills are important to focus on. All successful teams have a strong defensive structure and ability. Coach the basics and everything should build from that.

Individual soccer drills

Individual Soccer Drills
Individual soccer drills are designed to improve players skills in areas such as dribbling and protecting the ball. All soccer players need to be confident on the ball, no matter what the position.

Soccer shooting drills

Soccer Shooting Drills
Soccer shooting drills are not only fun, but necessary to work on consistently. In a game, strikers may only get 4-5 chances at goal, so they need to be comfortable in order to capitalize on those.

soccer conditioning drill - long strides running

Soccer Conditioning Drills
Here are some soccer conditioning drills that typically are done at the end of training, or the exercises could be sprinkled throughout a training session to help the fitness and cardio of your soccer.

U6 Soccer drills

U6 Soccer Drills for Kids
Fantastic fun, these simple soccer drills for kids and U6 soccer drills are for your team just starting out and wanting to learn how to play soccer.

Soccer goalie drills

Soccer Goalie Drills
Here are some free soccer goalie drills that can be used at training or during a warmup for a game. Goalies should practice their skills as much as out players develop theirs.

Soccer set plays, two boys

Soccer Set Plays
These free and simple soccer set plays will help your team win! Goals are happening more and more on set pieces in soccer games and that area could mean a win or a loss for your team.

Fun soccer games - kids reaching for ball

Fun Soccer Drills
There is a time for a hard working and demanding training session, and a time for a few good light hearted drills, but no matter the plan, always keep in mind to have fun out there when playing and coaching.

Here's the pick of the best fun soccer drills for coaching soccer teams. Some will be more appropriate for younger ages but the majority can be used for all ages.

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