Fun Soccer Drills

Do your players enjoy fun soccer drills?

I know mine do!

Fun soccer drills - soccer team in circle

Players love to have a few laughs together. They thrive on light-hearted and imaginative practice drills.

From kids soccer teams to the most competitive teams, all appreciate having a some fun during soccer training. It's an important element to building your team chemistry

How would a fun soccer practice help my players develop?

"Fun" does not mean silly, goofing off, and unproductive. Sure it can, of course, but that isn't what these are about. These are designed for the players to have a little more leeway then normal, but still heavily focussing on a specific aspect of the game.

Fun drills are just for kids and youth teams? WRONG

Even the most competitive teams have fun at training, at the right time. Slipping in a light-hearted soccer practice can really have a positive impact when done correctly.

Sometimes prior to a championship or playoff game, incorporating a fun part to your session can help to relax your team and build on its chemistry.

Here are a handful to select for your next soccer practice:

King's court soccer
Soccer tennis
Soccer handball
Go for goal
Competitive soccer 1v1 to goal
Head catch game
Soccer golf
Soccer defensive game
Juggling a soccer ball

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