Go Go Stop Soccer Drill

Go go stop is a game for kids that will teach them the basics of dribbling a soccer ball. They learn to keep the ball close to their feet, while picking up the basics on how to quickly stop a ball.

Go Go Stop Soccer Drill

- Go go stop is set up in a grid 20 by 20 yards.
- Every player has a ball at their feet.

- Coach calls out go repeatedly to keep players dribbling and moving.
- Players dribble on the "go's".
- Once you call out STOP, the players must stop the ball using the bottom of their foot as quickly as possible.

- Players should use the inside, outside and laces part of their boot to dribble the ball, while keeping the ball close to their feet as they dribble.
- Coach players that allow the ball to run ahead a few yards to keep it closer, ball ideally for this skill should be within a yard at all times to allow for a quick stop, or turn in a game.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Have a competition, but don't eliminate players. Call out the "fastest" to stop rather then pointing out the negative.
- Try left foot only, or right foot only.
- To get players in the habit of dribbling with their head up, hold your hand up for them to dribble and make a fist when you want them to stop, but say nothing. This forces players to keep their head up to watch you and not down staring at the ball.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for go go stop dribbling practice.

Good luck!

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