Group Start Corner Kick

This group start corner kick play for soccer teams is a simple and easy to remember play for your players to succeed.

Group start corner kick

- This group start corner kick play uses 6-7 attackers into the box.
- 1 player on the corner, and 2 more defenders we assume marking 1 striker.

- All 6-7 players begin in a tight group at the top of the 18 yard box.
- This makes it difficult for defenders to know who they are marking, and difficult to know where players will be attacking.
- Top picture is starting point, 2nd picture is where runs are finished.

- All players will make a banana shape run (away from the ball in an arch then sprinting forward into desired space).
- 1 finishes just in-front of the near post to flick on any short ball.
- 2 finishes along the six yard box, slightly closer to the ball side then center of goal.
- 3 finishes at the back post in line with the 6 yard box, 8-10 yards from endline.
- 4 finishes just inside of the near post, 12 yards out from goal line.
- 5 finishes inline with back post, 15 yards out from goal line.
- 6 finishes 12 yards out, just along the far 18 yard line, their job is to not allow any ball to carry past them and out of bounds.
- 7 finishes central, 5 yards outside the 18 box with the job of first touch driving any ball that gets knocked out on goal. This player should NEVER take players on because if possession is lost a counter attack is greatly outnumbered.

- N/A

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes teaching time.

Good luck!

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