Half Court Soccer Conditioning:
A simple but great team exercise!

This 2 line warmup can also be used for conditioning your soccer players. This is a commonly used team warmup, and all teams should warm up as a unit, in a well organized fashion.

Half Court Soccer Conditioning

- Set up half court soccer with 2 arches of cones, 1 roughly peaking at 30 yards out, and the 2nd at 20 yards.
- Set up 2 teams amongst your players.
- All balls should begin in the goal.

- Team with possession of the ball is on offense.
- Upon gaining possession, the now attacking team must get the ball past the outside line prior to attacking the goal. All players must also sprint to the line prior to them being able to attack.
- Upon losing possession, the now defending players must sprint to the inner circle prior to being able to defend.

- Players on both sides should look to quickly counter attack when they have the opportunity.
- Players should be constantly communicating to ensure spacing is well executed.
- Attacking team should look to attack towards weaker areas of the defence, likely areas where the defenders have been slow to get out and back into position.
- This really works on quick transition attacking/defending abilities as well as fitness of the players.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Allow 1 player from each team to not have to escape their zone. This allows for a quick attack via a target player, who will be defended for more game like situations.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this half court soccer game.

Good luck!

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