History of Soccer

Here's a soccer timeline showing the full history of football

Who invented football - England v Scotland 1872

Do you know that soccer, also called football, is regarded as the most famous form of sports in the world today.

Why's that? Probably because of football's long and fascinating history.

The different countries that have been involved all have different concepts regarding the origin and history of the soccer game.

Like the origin of the famous Pavlova, or the true identity of Shakespeare... who knows the REAL beginnings of soccer...

  1. Once upon a time... about 3000 years ago in China... a game was invented. This is believed to be the origins of football.
  2. No to be left out, warriors in Greece and Rome played their version of soccer to help prepare for battles. The way they kicked the ball in these earlier times is just as it is done in the football matches in modern times.
  3. In China they called the game Cuju, whilst the similar game of kicking the ball in The Americas was called Tlatchi. However, most people studying the history of football conclude that the REAL soccer game as we know today was started in 1863 by England.
  4. The first ever association for soccer was also founded in England in that same year. In October, eleven London clubs plus a select group of schools each elected their representatives. These officials then wrote down and set the first formal game rules for soccer.
  5. Man kicking football - who invented football
  6. The concept of the game such as kicking, carrying and tripping the ball was put forward and considered by this association. From this beginning the fundamental rules to govern soccer were accepted by all parties.
  7. In just 8 years over 50 clubs became members of the Football Association. The FA cup is considered to the first soccer competition in soccer's history.
  8. The initial FA game was between Scotland and England in 1872. This game was enthusiastically supported by a huge crowd of highly interested soccer followers. As soccer became famous, it wasn't long before larger stadiums were built to accommodate growing audiences and crazy soccer fans.
  9. With these modern origins and rules, plus the formation of the Football Association, this encouraged Scotland, Ireland and many European countries to form club teams during 1870–80.
  10. Denmark and the Netherlands also joined the Soccer Association in 1889, followed by countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Uruguay and Germany during the years from 1890 to 1900. Hungary began following football's guideline in 1901, with Finland becoming part of this growing trend in 1907.
  11. Old football game
  12. The soccer governing body for worldwide countries was established and named FIFA. This official community was started with seven countries initially in May 1904 in Paris, France.
  13. The member countries of FIFA steadily increased as soccer became more universally accepted and popular by most countries and people worldwide.

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