Individual Line Dribbling:
For footwork Improvement

Coach any dribbling skill with this simple line dribbling exercise. Have players in groups of 3-4 and 1 ball per group. Players go one at a time towards the cone that acts as a defender.

Soccer individual line dribbling

- For this line dribbling drill, have players in groups of 3.
- Have 2 on one side with 1 ball and one 12 yards away, with a lone cone in the middle.

- Player with the ball dribbles towards cone.
- Player makes a pre-determined skill move.
- A change of pace and direction should occur.
- Player passes ball to next player in line.

- Focus on quality over speed, performing skill perfectly but slowly is better than poorly done quickly.
- A change of pace is the key to increased difficulty on the defender.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Skills that can be worked on: step over, toe turn, cut/chop, or any other foot skill.
- You act as a passive defender and observe up close as you do that for each group.
- Incorporate skills into a game, whereby any successful skill move to beat a defender gets that team 2 points.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this individual line dribbling drill.

Good luck!

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