Juggling a soccer ball needs
practice, practice, practice

Are you good at juggling a soccer ball? Well here are some simple tips to start out, and some progression options for the more experienced players.

Juggling a Soccer Ball

It's simple... there is no secret technique that will have players juggling a soccer ball in no time. Sure there are some helpful tips, but the best way is repetition and practice.

It takes weeks, months, years sometimes to become good at soccer juggling but it is something that can be done anytime, anywhere with a ball.

How often should I incorporate soccer juggling into a practice?

As often as possible. No, I don't mean every practice all practice, but players should frequently be given a few minutes usually at the start, or end of a practice. I say this because it is fairly stagnant for the players.

You can start coaching how to juggle a soccer ball at any age, although I have found most kids start to see some success around 7-8 years old and up, as always dependant on ability.

What is a good way to start out on juggling a soccer ball?

I have seen people learn in a wide variety of ways, but I suggest using the most successful way I have come across for beginners is:

  1. Have the player hold the ball in their hand, drop it down and kick it as straight up as they can aiming for head/chest height max, not just booting it up in the air.
  2. Have them catch the ball after just that one time. Their toes should be pointed and they should use the top of their foot to "juggle" it back up to the desired height.
  3. Once they have completed that several times successfully, have them do it but allow the ball to bounce once prior to them juggling for a second touch, again have them catch it after the 2nd touch. The reason for catching is it gives them an accurate target, head/chest height, arms length from the body for where the ball should be when juggling, not out of control running around.
  4. After they have had success with that, give them the freedom to keep it up in the air.

Possible progression options:

- Juggle in a sequence; foot — thigh — chest — head — repeat.
- Alternate feet; left-right-left-right.
- Catch or stall the ball on the top of their foot, then flick back up and juggle more.
- Have the player throw the ball up in the air and be expected to bring the ball down to the ground using the top of their foot so it doesn't bounce away.
- Have the player juggle then kick the ball in the air and bring down using top of their foot to the ground.
- Juggle with a partner.

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