Kick Over Cones U6 Soccer Drill

Players each kick their ball towards the middle and try to kick over cones that are in the middle. You can split the kids into teams and keep track of points to keep the kids excited.

Kick Over Cones U6 Soccer Drill

- Kick over cones needs a circle set up same size as centre circle.
- Every players needs a ball.
- Place orange cones in the middle. Distance should be achievable, but slightly difficult for the players.

- On your call, players kick the ball at once trying to knock over the central cones.
- After all balls have stopped, you call allowing players to run and retrieve the closest ball and return to original position.
- Repeat until all cones are knocked over.

- Encourage players to take shots with proper kicking technique (no toe kicks).
- Remember, encourage your young players!

- Set up teams, have each team with their own circle and cones, teams kick on your call as before.
- Do the drill using only proper throw in techniques.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this kick over cones drill.

Good luck!

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