Kids Soccer Chase Game

A soccer game in a similar format to musical chairs, soccer chase has 5 players chasing to retrieve 1 of 4 available soccer balls.

Kids Soccer Chase Game

- Soccer chase just needs 1 less ball then players participating.
- Set up balls in a pile or scattered 25-30 yards away from line.
- Players line up on a line.

- You call "GO" and players race to retrieve a ball, and must dribble back to the starting line.
- There will be 1 player who does not get a ball, who becomes a defender.
- Players with a ball dribble back to the line as quick as they can.
- Defender can try to win a ball back from a player that did get a ball.
- Any player that gets ball taken away then becomes defender until all players at starting line.

- Encourage players to dribble with ball close to their feet.
- Players must retrieve the ball using soccer rules (no pushing, etc).
- Try to get players to stop the ball on the starting line, not just kicking ball past the line to keep under better control.
- Remember, encourage fun and fair play!

- Have 2 less soccer balls to increase difficulty.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for kids soccer chase.

Good luck!

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