Leicester City Win 2016 EPL

How Leicester City Football Club Won the English Premier League in 2016. A true story of belief and action!

Leicester City Football Club hold English Premier League Cup high

Look at these unbelievable statistics...

  • Leicester City were on 5000-1 odds to win the title
  • They were predicted to end up one of the bottom three in the League
  • Leicester City only spent a tiny $78.6 million (£54.4 million) to improve their team and pay players.
  • The very rich Football clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal were able to buy the very best players. In fact at the start of 2016's season Manchester City doled out $605.3 million (£418.8 million) for their top players.
Leicester City Crest

So in their 133 years since inception, these Leicester City Football Club underdogs with their raggedy tag mix of ho hum players (that really held explosive talents) managed to pull off a world shattering historical sports record.

Not forgetting the coaches, trainers, backers, fans and so many hardworking helpers and believers who all contributed to show that magic can happen to anyone. They made it happen.

Watch them celebrate and see how it all came together!

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