Quick Feet Ball Control!

Do your players have quick feet? They can always get faster and this dribbling exercise improves players dribbling ability and ball control whilst encouraging good balance.

Soccer quick feet ball control

- For this quick feet exercise, set up a grid 25 yards wide.
- Have 2 groups of players, 1 on each side with a ball each.

- Players dribble across grid to other side using as many touches as they can.
- Players must use all skills/techniques they can; turns, step overs, toe drags, pull back, inside, outside, laces, bottom of foot, etc.
- Once players reach other side 2nd group goes.

- Players should take DOZENS of touches (50-75+) as they dribble, it is NOT a race, in fact the more touches the better.
- If done correctly with non-stop quick, short little steps/touches crossing the grid, players should feel a good workout from this exercise whilst improving their balance, ball control, and dribbling skills.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Call out turn for players to turn quickly and continue the dribbling. Can call right or left and have players perform a quick move and short acceleration in that direction, then they continue short, quick steps.
- Have players juggle across the grid; if ball drops just start from where it dropped.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this soccer quick feet ball control skill.

Good luck!

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