Shielding a Soccer-Ball

Don't be shielding your team from this fun, competitive game!

This free shielding a soccer ball drill can help your team win. Shielding is an important skill to learn. Play soccer oriented games while learning this new skill.

Shielding in soccer

- Set up a shielding grid, 20 x 20 yards.
- Every player is inside with a ball at their feet.
- As always, remember to demonstrate how the skill should be done (see below).

- Players must dribble around protecting their ball, while trying to kick any other player's ball out of the grid.
- If ball is kicked out of the grid that player is eliminated.
- If under pressure from another player, players should use the technique to protect the ball, having one foot on the ball and using their body legally, preventing the defender from the ball.
- Play until you have one "champion".

- Ensure players use proper soccer tactics to both protect, and go after the ball of other players; for example no hands, no grabbing, no pulling, etc.
- While preventing a defender from their soccer ball, player should be well balanced, knees bent, one foot on the ball, and be sideways to the defender allowing for quick turns to keep the ball.

- Have players work in teams of 2, thereby increasing both their awareness and creativeness.
- Set a time limit to reduce down time for players knocked out, and to speed up the game.
- When a player is eliminated, allow them back in once they've done 10 juggles, push-up/sit-ups for example.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for this soccer ball shielding drill.

Good luck!

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