Soccer Short Short Long Passing

This basic, simple short short long passing drill works on the very fundamentals of a soccer game. In a soccer game, typically after a couple of short passes of dragging defenders in close, a longer pass is then used.

Short short long passing

- For short short long, have your players in groups of 3, 1 ball per group.
- Players A+C should be roughly 30-40 yards apart, with B in the middle.

- Player A passes to B, B passes back on an angle to A, A plays a long ball to C. A follows pass to support C, B takes spot of A. Then C passes to A, A lays off on an angle to C, C plays long ball to B, C follows pass, A takes spot of C.

- Inside player makes quick run to support outside player.
- Ball should be laid off at an angle, not directly back to outside player.
- Players should communicate for the ball.
- Players should use both feet, alternating right then left is good practice.
- All passes should be firm and accurate.
- Outside players should take 2 touch, inside player 1 touch.
- This should be done with very high quality and efficiency.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- All players use 1 touch.
- Add a passive defender covering any middle player.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes.

Good luck!

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