Simon Says Soccer Game

Have you ever tried a simon says soccer game with your little stars? It is a familiar game for the kids, but soccer related to work on ball control.

Simon Says Soccer Game

- Simon says soccer just needs every player with a ball in a 25 x 30 yard grid.

- Players listen to your call of an instruction and must perform as quickly as possible.
- Call out "Simon Says" and then any skill: left foot only dribbling, right foot only, juggle the ball, stop your ball and find another.
- Can have some fun with it with: touch your knee/elbow/nose to the ball and continue dribbling.
- As always praise the successes, and have fun while encouraging anyone who you trick!

- Dribbling should be done with the ball close to the player.
- Players should try to dribble with their head up as much as they can, not just staring down at the ball.

- Stop calling out, and only demonstrate OR point to what you want done, therefore forcing players to get their head up as they dribble.

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for Simon Says fun.

Good luck!

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