Soccer 2 Sides Keep Away Drill

Coach keep away skills with this soccer 2 sides keep away drill that focuses on improving possession within your team. Teamwork is required to have success in order to keep the ball from the defenders.

Soccer 2 Sides Keep Away Drill

- Set up this keep away soccer drill with 2 teams of 5, 1 team in each grid.
- Set up 2 grids 20 x 25 yards.
- All balls should be with you, centrally just off to the side.

- You pass a ball into one side, and 2 defenders from the other team sprint in to defend.
- Attacking team must make 5 passes and then pass the ball to the other team to gain a point, the play continues and roles reverse.
- If defenders win the ball prior to the 5 passes, they can turn and pass it back into their side, reversing the roles and becoming the attacking team.
- If ball goes out of play, the play begins again with a ball passed into whoever the defending team was.

- There should be constant movement from the players.
- Passes should be accurate, and along the ground at all times.
- Players should be in constant communication with each other.
- 3 players not involved on defending team should still be moving within their grid.
- Passing and moving should be the focus.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Increase passes necessary to get a point.
- Add a 3rd defender.
- Add a goalie in the middle and set up 2 posts with flags, to gain the point players must "score" through the posts after the 5 passes.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for this soccer 2-sides keep away drill.

Good luck!

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