Soccer 2 Line Warm-up Drill

This simple 2 line warmup is a great team exercise!

Soccer 2line warm-up drill

This 2 line warmup can also be used for conditioning your soccer players. This is a commonly used team warmup, and all teams should warm up as a unit, in a well organized fashion.

- Your 2 line warmup are just 2 even lines, jogging across the field and back, or around it

- Players maintain a jog pace a few steps apart from player ahead of them.
- The coach, or one player is in charge of leading this, calling out instructions.
- Example: Jogging across sideline to sideline, captain leads the warm up. He/she calls out jump, right/left hand to the ground, and players respond in unison. Captain calls out back to front, and on "GO" back 2 players sprint to the front.

- All players warming up together, should maintain same pace

- Back to front, back players sprint to the front.
- Front to back, front players sprint forward 5 yards, then backwards to end of line.
- Spread players 5 yards apart as they jog, and back player sprints weaving inbetween each player in his/her line until reaching the front, or front turns and weaves to back.
- Side to side, players skip side step facing sideways, then flip.
- Use this as a fitness drill towards end of a soccer practice, can extend to longer then 10 minutes for more fitness.
- Any footwork/exercise you can try incorporating into this type of drill, experiment!

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this 2 line warm-up drill.

Good luck!

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