3 Team Soccer Warm-up Drill

Try this easy 3 team warmup with your team. Focus on communication, movement, passing to feet and into space, and more with this exercise. Split your players into 3 teams with 1 ball per team.

Soccer 3 team warm-up drill

- Set up this 3 team warmup by splitting players into teams of 4.
- 1 ball per team.

- Players pass within their group of 4 inside the area.

- Players should all be in constant movement, with changes of pace to find space.
- Diamond shape should be a focus to maintain good team shape.
- Players should all be communicating with teammates, calling for passes, calling to the receiver of the pass.
- Passes should be accurate, into space or to feet.
- Players should not be bunched, nor should soccer balls hit each other.
- This also builds great awareness.

- Limit touches to 1 or 2 touch.
- Add a passive defender that can defend any ball/team.
- Allow defender to win the ball.

Total time estimated:

Good luck!

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