Soccer 3 Line Warm-up Drill

3 lines of 4-5 players warm up in short, quick repetition movements prior to a game or training session. Have your team captain lead the way calling out the variety of movements.

Soccer 3 line warm-up drill

- Set up this 3 lines by putting your team into lines of 3, with 4-5 players in each.
- Mark a starting line, and a line to turn at approximately 10-15 yards apart.

- Have your team captain run the team through the exercise.
- Players jog as a group, in lines of 3, from start line to end line, turn and jog back in their lines.

- Exercise should be sharp and quick.
- Variety of activities can be done: knee's up, side skips, short sprints, jog backwards, etc.

- Increase speed/sharpness as players get warmed up.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this 3 line warm-up drill.

Good luck!

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