Ball Control Fitness Drill

A great exercise for ball control and fitness together. Start by having players in groups of two, with a server having the ball and a player 7 yards away.

Soccer Ball Control Fitness Drill

- This fitness and ball control is set up with players in groups of 2, with player A as the server with a ball.
- Player B is behind a cone, the cone being 5 yards from the server.

- Player B works for 45-60 seconds then switch roles.
- Player B makes a short, quick sprint to the right of the cone, player A passes a ball to the outside (right) foot of player B who takes 1 touch to pass back.
- Player B then runs backwards around the cone and sprints forward on the left side for a 1 touch pass, and repeat until time expires.

- Server should always be on their toes, never "flat footed."
- Passes should be made to outside foot, which typically would be furthest from an oncoming defender to best protect the ball.
- All passes should be crisp and accurate along the ground.
- Players should get in the habit of calling for every pass.
- The run backwards/forwards should be approximately 5-7 yards, short, quick steps is the ideal footwork.
- Passes should be made with body in good balance.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Receiver must take 2 touches.
- Serve ball in air for a side footed volley back to servers hands.
- Serve ball to thigh, control and pass along ground.
- Serve ball to chest, control and pass along ground.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for ball controll practice.

Good luck!

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