Great Soccer Ball Skills

This fun soccer ball skills exercise can be done with as little as two players. You work on several areas; long balls, accuracy, and ball control all in one simple drill.

Great Soccer Ball Skills

- Set up 2 boxes approximately 30 yards apart.
- 1 player in each box, and 1 ball is all that is required.

- Player 1 plays a long ball aiming to drop the ball in the box of player 2.
- Player 2 must use one touch to bring the ball down under control within the box.
- Player 2 then plays long ball to player 1, and exercise proceeds.
- Crosser gets 1 point for crossing into the box, receiver receives 1 points for successfully bringing ball down under control.
- If ball gets played outside of box, crosser receives 0 points. If receiver can use one touch to bring ball back into box and then bring down under control he/she receives 3 points.

- All crosses should be accurate.
- All touches to bring the ball down should be well controlled, and body in good balance.

- Vary box distance and size to increase/reduce difficulty.
- Add a passive defender to receiver, then have players switch each time.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for soccer ball skills.

Good luck!

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