Soccer Box or Square Drill

Quick, efficient ball skills in this soccer box warmup. Players are able to get a lot of touches on the ball while raising their work rate as they prepare for a training session or a game.

Soccer box drill

- For this box warmup drill, just set up a box 20 by 20 yards.
- Have half of your players (A) spread around the outside with a ball.
- Have other half of your players (B) in the middle without a ball.

- Players B move around the middle area then show for ball, by running towards AND calling for the ball from an A player.
- Player A passes to player B, who performs desired skill, and passes back to A.
- Player A should ALWAYS be on their toes ready to make a pass.
- Player B should have a little burst of acceleration as coming towards a pass(to gain space vs a defender in a game).
- Pace should be med-high tempo so 45 seconds to 60 seconds then switch, B to outside, A inside. You can do this several times to work on different areas.

- Every pass should be high quality and accurate.
- Players in the middle should use a change of pace to go towards the ball.
- Players on outside should always be on their toes prepared.
- As the difficulty increases, the quality should remain high.
- All balls should remain in the grid at all times, no errand passes.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Build on the skills, for example 1st time for each group 2 touch.
- Then 1 touch only.
- Then turn with 1st touch and pass to different outside player.
- Then 1st touch is a pass to a 2nd inside player who then passes the ball to the outside player.
- Add a defender, player inside must have a change of pace to gain space to get the ball and use good ball control to keep possession.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this box warmup drill.

Good luck!

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