Soccer Channels:
Spacing and team shape

Coach proper spacing and shape with this soccer channels exercise. Players must maintain balance of numbers within the channels, which leads into a progression game situation.

Soccer Channels

- Set up for soccer channels with 3 grids, each approximately 15 x 30 yards.
- Have all the balls in each goal.
- Teams play 4 v 4 (or up to 6 v 6 would have 2 per grid).

- For 4 v 4, have 2 from each team in the central grid, and 1 from each in the outside grids.
- Players must stay within their grid as they look to score.

- Players must constantly be moving to find quality supporting angles.
- Players must utilize their shape and spacing for success.

- Allow players to enter other grids, but number of players in each grid must be maintained by players covering the space created.
- Limit the amount of touches a player can have to 1 or 2 touch.
- Scrimmage with no restrictions, but if a goal is scored while there are attacking players in all 3 grids the team gets 3 points for a goal.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this soccer channels coaching.

Good luck!

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