Circle Warm Up Drill

In this soccer circle drill, you have 1 ball and 1-2 players in the middle of a circle made up of players. Use 1 ball and players on outside keep the ball from the middle player(s), while maintaining a circle shape.

Soccer circle drill

- For the circle drill, players align themselves into a small circle around 1 player (typically 6-8 players in the circle, circle being approximately 7 yards wide)

- Limit to 2 touches for outer players.
- Players must keep the ball from the inside player, if inside player gains control he/she switches with player who gave the ball away or took 3 touches.
- Outer players should always be "on their toes" ready for a pass, not standing flat footed
- Example: Players A must keep ball from player B as long as they can or until it is a fair time to switch. This gets players playing lots of short, quick passes and gets their bodies lightly active prior to stretching and training.

- Encourage to keep ALL passes along the ground.
- Ensure all players stay "on their toes" so they are ready for any pass.
- Players should be communicating with each other as they make their passes
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Decrease to 1 touch
- Mandate that touches on the ball must alternate, 1-touch to 2-touch to 1-touch, etc. This pushes quick feet and thinking. For example if the player that passed you the ball took 1 touch, you MUST take 2 touches, then the nex take 1 touch and so forth.
- Add a 2nd defender, alter circle size if necessary.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes

Good luck!

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