Soccer Cone Dribbling

This basic cone dribbling skill can be used for players at any age and any level. This key component of an individual soccer player's skill is essential for developing continuous improvement.

Soccer cone dribbling

- Basic cone dribbling is simple to set up; just have 2-4 lines of players and set up cones 1-2 yards apart (vary for difficulty).
- 1 ball per line beginning with the 1st player in line.

- 1 player from each line dribbles between the cones in their line, up and back through, then 2nd player goes when 1st player returns with the ball.
- Players should use short, quick steps taking a touch on the ball every step.
- Can do this as a race or just on an individual basis.

- Ensure as many touches on the ball keeping ball close to feet allowing for superb control, balance and quick turning ability.
- Players should use both feet, inside, laces, and outside of feet to dribble.
- Each set through, restrict to 1 aspect. For example, outside of feet only, inside only, must alternate inside then outside one foot only per set, only use bottom of feet pulling ball backwards through the cones, etc.
- Remember, encourage successes!

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Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes for this soccer cone dribbling.

Good luck!

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