Soccer Converge Drill:
puts skill under pressure

Converge is a drill whereby 4 players dribble towards each other and a middle cone. As they approach they all perform the same move or turn, and proceed right or left, all in the same pre-determined direction.

Soccer converge drill

- Players converge towards cone in the middle of a 20 x 20 diamond.
- 1st player in each of the 4 lines should start with a ball at their feet.
- As with every drill, demonstrate how you wish the drill to be done.

- 1st player in each line dribbles towards the central cone.
- Once they converge a yard or so from the middle cone, all 4 players perform the same foot skill, and all turn in the same direction.
- Players dribble quickly to the next line and lay ball off to the awaiting player.
- Next 4 players go, and drill proceeds.
- Example: 4 players dribble to center, perform a step over move and speed up to the line to the right. Next 4 players dribble to center, perform a step over, and speed up to the line to the right.

- Have players get as close (within reason) to the center as possible so they feel the pressure of the other players near them.
- The foot skill of focus should be done at high quality; if need be have players dribble slower to allow for better success and then increase as they get comfortable.
- Players should accelerate after the skill as if they just took on a defender.
- Change direction so both feet get worked on.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Change the skill, step over, toe turn, cut, chop, or any other move/turn can be applied to this drill.
- You stand in the middle and the players get as close as they can, having a body there versus a cone adds more presence of a "real" defender.
- Increase the pace, the quicker the dribble/skill the more difficult.

Total time estimated:
- 10 -12 minutes for this soccer converge drill.

Good luck!

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