Kids Soccer Crab Game:
Dribble through the crabs in crab game!

In this fun crab game for kids, players have lots of fun while dribbling around other players trying to take their ball away that are walking like crabs to win the ball.

Soccer crab game or British bulldog soccer

- Crab game is set up with a grid roughly 20 by 30 yards.
- 2 players start as defenders or "crabs" in the middle. They walk on the facing upwards on their feet and hands.
- All other players have a ball on one end line.
- As always, demonstrate what you expect from your players!

- Players A try to dribble to the other side of the grid without having their ball kicked out of the grid or controlled by a "crab".
- If a player loses their ball, they become one of the crabs!
- Winning player is last player standing with their ball.

- Works on players avoiding trouble and dribbling into space.
- Develops players ability to dribble while under pressure in a fun setting.
- Defenders should work together which builds communication and teamwork.
- Remember, encourage your players!

-- Have the defenders stand up defending as they would in a game.

Total time estimated:
- 7-10 minutes is good for young players to enjoy this soccer crab game.

Good luck!

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