Soccer Defend the Ball Game

Kids will love this soccer defend the ball game where 1 player must defend the ball while 3 players keep possession of the ball while attempting to knock over the middle cone with a ball on it.

Defend the Ball Soccer Game

- Have 1 player defend the ball on a cone from 3 attacking players.
- Grid approximately 15 x 15, but vary based on player ability.

- 3 attacking players play keep away while looking for an opportunity to hit the ball in the middle with the ball in play.
- Attacking players must make 3 passes prior to trying to knock it over.
- Knocking over the central ball counts as 1 point.

- Attackers should be in constant movement looking for best supporting angle.
- Passes should be crisp and always to feet.
- As attacker receives the pass, they should open their body up to the field allowing them to face the entire field and pass to any direction.
- Change defender after 1 minute, track points per defender.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- To prevent defender from "cheating" by standing near the centre ball, allow a point for 10 consecutive passes on the outside, or set up a small box surrounding the ball on the cone that the defender cannot enter.

Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this soccer defend the ball game.

Good luck!

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