Soccer Defending 2v2:
Supporting Defenders

This simple soccer defending 2v2 concept for understanding the basics of soccer defending will add another dimension to the 1v1 defending technique previously learned.

Soccer Defending 2v2

- Soccer defending 2 v 2 is set up with 2 lines of defenders on the posts, and 2 lines of attackers 30-40 yards from goal.
- Set up a sideline for the play, running up in line with 18 yard box.
- All soccer balls begin at the goal.

- 1 defender plays a long ball to the 1st 2 strikers in line.
- 1 defender from each line sprints out to close attackers down.
- Players play 2 vs 2 to goal until ball is out of play or defenders win possession.

- Defenders must close attackers down quickly.
- Closest defender pressures the attacker in a jockey position (angled body position, knees bent, on their toes).
- 2nd defender should be dropped off approximately 5 yards behind the 1st defender but remain almost inline with 2nd attacker. This provides support if the 1st attacker gets past 1st defender, the 2nd defender is in good support to slide across to cover and close down the attacker.
- If attacker passes the ball, supporting defender should move up to close down, and initial closest defender should drop off to support, DO NOT chase the ball.
- Defenders should be in constant communication: "you've got cover, force him/her left, or right, cover me" are some examples.
- Remember, encourage successes!

- Add a 3rd attacker to increase difficulty.
- Have the defenders pass the ball wide into a target area once possession is won to get in habit of moving the ball wide in a game quickly out of central more dangerous defensive area.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes for soccer defending 2v2.

Good luck!

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