Soccer Fitness Defending Game

This defending game works on several aspects, dribbling under pressure, balance, defending, and trying to win a ball back quickly as a defender. This is great for conditioning your players.

Soccer Defending Game

- Set up this defending game with players in groups of 2, with one ball per group.
- Set up several small gates throughout a large grid.

- Players pass back and forth through a gate until the coach calls "GO".
- On go, the player with the ball attempts to dribble through as many gates as possible until the coach calls "STOP".
- The player without the ball must try to catch and take the ball from the attacker.
- If initial defender steals the ball, they become attacker, most gates dribbled through wins.
- Have players competing for short intervals of 30 - 45 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.

- Players should dribble quickly, well balanced and under control.
- Players should keep the ball very close to their feet as they dribble, allowing for quick change of direction.
- Defenders should try to win the ball as quick as possible.
- Remember, encourage successes!

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Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes for this soccer defending game.

Good luck!

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