A quick dribbling warmup!

This simple dribbling warmup drill is an efficient way to get all of your players warming up together. They all need a ball and inside a small box they dribble the ball awaiting you to call out moves

Soccer ball dribbling - sheilding

- Set up a box for dribbling, approximately 20 by 20 yards.
- Every player needs a ball at their feet.

- All players jog with the ball inside the box, using all parts of their feet, laces, inside, outside, and bottom of feet.
- Coach calls out instructions for a specific skill that upon the call, all players perform as quickly as possible, then a quick 5 step acceleration after the move.

- This exercise should begin as a jog pace, move performed as quick as possible, and must have the acceleration afterward into space.
- Examples to instruct: turn, right foot only, left foot only, bottom of feet only, step over, stop and juggle 10 times, etc.

- N/A

Total time estimated:
- 5-7 minutes

Good luck!

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