Soccer Field Sprint:
One of the toughest fitness drills

In this drill I will call field sprint, players get into 2 equal lines and begin jogging at a very slow pace around the outside of the field. You can reduce to a half of a field if you prefer.

Soccer Field Sprints

- In field sprint the prep is simple, just have players line up in a line, or use 2 equal lines if you have enough players on the outside of a field.

- Players begin by jogging very slowly around the outside of the field.
- Upon go, the first player (or first 2 if 2 lines) take off from the joggers and must sprint the outside of the field until they have caught up to the slow moving joggers, and they join the back of the jogging line.
- Using appropriate intervals of approximately 15 seconds, go until each player has done 1 full sprint, while maintaining the group's slow jog for the players not currently sprinting.

- Example: Let's say the players begin with 7 at the front jogging. On "go" he takes off sprinting around the outside while the other 6 slowly jog the perimeter. On "go" 6 takes off sprinting as well while the other 5 jog, and continue until all players have had their sprint.

- Ensure the jog is almost as slow as a walk to minimize the sprinters time.
- Encourage the players to not cut any corner- Remember, encourage your players as this is a grueling sprint!

- You can do it once or multiple times, once is usually enough however.
- If you do it more then once, give a few minutes of the slow jogging upon the last sprinter finishing to allow for some recovery time.

Total time estimated:
- 5-10 for these field sprints.

Good luck!

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