Soccer Figure Eight Conditioning

This figure eight is great for soccer fitness. It has sprinting and jogging intervals allowing for game like situations of alternating demands on the body.

Soccer Figure Eight Conditioning

- For figure eight conditioning, set up a square, approximately 25 by 35 yards, vary depending how far you would like them to be running.
- Group players typically in groups of 4-6.

- Group A jogs the lengths (outer line) and sprint corner to corner (inside line).
- At every corner the players should be turning to the right, so they go jog side, sprint across grid to far corner, turn right and jog outside, turn right and sprint across grid to far corner.
- You can get multiple groups going at once just space them out accordingly, but if you do this be careful as players will be sprinting across each other paths in the middle of the grid (not recommended).
- Example: Jog #1, Sprint #2, Jog #3, Sprint #4, Jog #5 is shown above, and players continue until the entire 8 lengths are completed by reaching their starting position.

- Do not let players cut corners.
- Encourage them as they are tiring!

- Jog one, sprint 2, jog 1 sprint 2.

Total time estimated:
- 1 set up to 4 sets would be suggested dependant on your teams fitness level.

Good luck!

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