Follow-Your-Pass Soccer Warm Up Drill

This simple follow your pass soccer warm up is a good way for teams to get a touch on the ball and begin some light jogging. It creates the pass and move mentality with players as they prepare for a game.

Soccer Follow Your Pass warm-up drill

- To set up for follow your pass, have players in a circle and 1 ball - Ideally use 6-8 players per circle.

- Player passes ball to another player, then jogs behind that player - Player receiving the pass controls the ball, then makes another pass, jogs behind that player, and repeat continuously.

- Passes should be crisp and accurate - Passes should be made along the ground - A quick change of pace should happen after the pass - Players should call for the pass, and call out who they are passing to - All players should constantly be on their toes, not standing flat footed.

- Limit to 1 touch only - Add a 2nd ball.

Total time estimated:
- 5 minutes for this pass and move warm-up drill.

Good luck!

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