Free kick in soccer:
Attacking Runs

A free kick in soccer can win or lose a game, so it's best to train your players so they are comfortable enough to succeed when the time comes. With over 40% of some teams' goals being scored off set.

Soccer Free Kick Attacking Runs

- Set up this free kick in soccer games by having just 1 player on the ball.
- Player 2 stands on the inside of the wall, adding a player to the defending wall. This player makes it increasingly difficult for the goalie to see the ball.
- Utilize your other players 3-7 to attack towards goal, making it a very difficult defending job with that many attacking into the box.

- Player 1 on the ball crosses the ball towards the back post as players attack.
- Player 2 holds his/her spot until the ball is being kicked, then spins off in behind the wall opening up space and providing an option for a rebound.
- Players 3-6 begin slightly outside of the back post, and inline with the last defender so they are not offside.

- Player 1 should signal (arm up to start, drop it when about to run to the ball) so the attacking runners know when to begin their run and time it correctly.
- Player 2 spins off and sprints to the edge of the near post 6 yard box.
- Players 3-7 should all run away from the ball prior to attacking into the box.
- 3 finishes at the near post just above the 6 yard line.
- 4 finishes centrally along the 6 yard box, likely near the goalkeeper.
- 5 finishes 7-8 yards out inline with the back post.
- 6 finishes behind 5, 10-12 yards out of the goal line.
- 7 finishes slightly past the back post at the 6 yard line, not allowing any cross to go wide past him/her.

- Player 1 shoots the ball on target if a direct free kick.
- Player 1 crosses to the near post rather then back post, this allows for 3 options of attack on this play.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes teaching time.

Good luck!

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