Soccer free kick:
Overlap run

This simple soccer free kick allows for several variations to keep the defending teams guessing at what you will be doing to attack.

Soccer Free Kick

- This soccer free kick uses 3 players beginning near the ball, 1 a few yards dropped off, 2 a yard or two to the side of the ball, and 3 next to the ball.
- This free kick will allow for 3 easy options for your players to vary during a game.

- Player 1 runs over the ball and wide down the line.
- Player 2 will take the cross, shot, or pass.
- Players 4-7 group up at the offside line (last defender) just outside of the back post.

- Players 4-7 make banana shape run sprinting into the box towards their area of attack.
- 1 runs directly over the ball (as if was going to cross) and continues his/her run wide past the wall to provide an option to pass for a cross towards goal.
- 2 steps in and takes the kick crossing towards either post, preferably back post but can mix it up both have 2 players attacking towards goal.
- 3 is a decoy, and has no responsibility other then after the cross to spin off and hold the area at the top of the 18 centrally.

- 2 passes to player 1 who either attacks along the goal line or crosses low and hard across goal, thus making it very difficult to defend.
- 2 can have a shot on goal rather then a cross or pass.

Total time estimated:
- 10-15 minutes teaching time.

Good luck!

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