Soccer Fundraising

Soccer fundraising should be simple and hassle-free! Use these easy ideas to make raising funds for your soccer or football team fun and successful.

Soccer fundraising - pig moneybox and coins

Does your soccer team do fundraising?

They can be a great way to raise money. Keep the experience fun, interactive, and you'll see it is a great team building experience. When hosting fundraisers, coaching takes a back seat as your team leads.

A team manager or parent is the ideal person to be responsible for these events throughout the year. The coach typically has enough to look after, and it is a great support to any coach to have a manager or parent step up and take the lead role here.

Once you have someone responsible for organizing and planning your team fundraiser, it's time to plan for success. Planning 2-3 fundraisers throughout a season really does build team support and enthusiasm, along with being an income generator for the team.

Start of a new season? This is an ideal time to start getting your team into the spirit of everyone pulling their weight. Building team chemistry by incorporating a fundraising event gets your team and all supporters off to a flying start.

And of course another great use for fundraisers is to generate money to help reduce the overall costs for tournaments. Refer to this youth soccer tournaments list when considering your next tournament.

Let's take a look at some ideas to fundraise:

Team Garage Sale:

Fun and very interactive for players and parents. Entire team books a day (at a local school or lot) and every family brings items from home to sell in a huge garage sale. Team can either keep money by player, or pool total amount. This can generate a large income if promoted prior. Could also host a raffle 50/50 draw during the day long event!

Car Wash:

Oldie but a goodie! Have your team rotate in groups throughout the day and 2-3 parents overlooking the by donation event. Teams of 4-5 typically can host the car wash for 2-3 hours at a time. This can run for upwards of 8-10 hours and can be a good money raiser.

Product Sales:

Locally there is usually a few companies that you can partner with to sell small products, with the team receiving a portion of the total sales. Cheap chocolate and boxes of candy are the usual items, but avoid these unhealthy foods — after all you want to walk the talk and if you encourage your players to eat well and keep fit, you should not have a bar of promoting junk food! Product sales can be a good income booster if you have a keen group, but not likely as much as some others soccer fundraiser ideas.

Bottle Drive:

This can be very time consuming, but can yield good results. Players could go around their neighbourhood with a partner or 2 (plus a parent!) with a handout of awareness for the upcoming event. Then players can follow up weekly for one month for example, and pool the funds with the team.

Equipment Sponsor:

Many teams use t-shirts to warm up and/or train in, then change into their game jerseys after the warm up. Some teams offer local companies to place an ad of sponsorship on their t-shirt that are worn for those times. Also, team bags or warm up suits are also opportunities to place sponsorship ads to generate income. *Check with your youth soccer club prior to this, as some do not allow corporate ads affiliated with youth teams.

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