Soccer Go for Goal

This #1 favourite game with many soccer teams, Go for Goal is used to finish off a practice with. It is fun, competitive, and works on basic fundamentals and determination around the net in a soccer game.

Soccer Go for Goal

- Get players in teams of 2 and go for goal!
- Have all your soccer balls in or next to the net.
- No pinnies necessary, and have as many teams of 2 as you have (if uneven have a team of 3 or 2 keepers/goalies).

- You or the keeper play a ball to the 18 yard line or inside.
- Players compete for the ball in a 2 v 2 v 2 v 2 format.
- LAST player to TOUCH a ball that goes in gets credit for the goal.
- When a player on a team scores the team of 2 goes behind the goal and makes it to the next round.
- Proceed until one team is eliminated each round.
- Once teams are eliminated, have them retrieve balls quickly to keep drill moving along - Example: Team 1 shoots and player on team 3 deflects the ball into the goal, so team 3 runs behind the goal advancing to the next round. Remaining teams play down till team eliminated.

- Players should be competitive for loose balls and rebounds.
- This drill encourages competitiveness, and to train players to aggressively look for quick, quality shots when inside the 18 yard box.
- Allow for players to be creative, some may think standing near the goal for "cheap" deflection goals is best, others may think winning the ball for a shot out higher is better. Let them explore what is most successful for them.
- Remember, encourage successes!

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Total time estimated:
- 10 minutes for this soccer Go for Goal game.

Good luck!

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